Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


Stacie Poelstra
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

201-670-2700 Ext. 10532

Welcome to the Ridgewood School District. Consistent with the mission statement of the district, the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is committed to ensuring that our students’ educational experiences prepare them well for an interconnected, technologically advanced, global society. Beyond compliance with state and federal mandates, the Ridgewood curriculum advances the healthy development of our students, challenging them to fulfill their potential in supportive environments that promote positive social relationships and foster a lifelong curiosity and love of learning.

  Department Contacts

Charlene Labenda
Administrative Assistant
Office of the Assistant Superintendent
201-670-2700 Ext. 10532

Mildred Federico
Administrative Assistant
Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
201-670-2700 Ext. 10533

Joyce Cerbasi
Staff Developer
201-670-2700 Ext. 10546

Rosanne Upton
Coordinator of Federal Grants & Assessments
201-670-2700 Ext. 10534