2021 NJ Exemplary Educator Award
2021 NJ Exemplary Educator Award
Posted on 12/06/2021
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Timothy Monahan Named a 2021 Exemplary Educator

RIDGEWOOD, NJ -- Timothy Monahan, Assistant Principal and former social studies teacher, was named a 2021 Exemplary Educator by the New Jersey Department of Education. The program recognizes outstanding educators, alternating between the elementary and secondary levels each year.

Selection criteria for this year’s prestigious award included: a minimum of 5 years of experience working in secondary education, exceptional educational and leadership abilities, an inspiring presence, and educational accomplishments beyond the classroom. To recommend an educator for this recognition, supervisors or administrators submit a confidential, online application to the NJDOE Exemplary Educator Program, along with a letter of recommendation and the candidate’s resume. 

Mr. Monahan’s career in the district began in 2004 at Ridgewood High School, where he taught various core and elective courses within the social studies department. Since 2008, he has exclusively taught Advanced Placement Micro and Macroeconomics courses and was solely responsible for the latest curriculum revision to fully align the course to AP Board standards. In August, Mr. Monahan assumed his new role as an assistant principal at George Washington Middle School.

“Mr. Monahan embodies the adage of the lifelong learner, and he is an avid reader of materials relevant to his teaching preparation, and pedagogy at-large,” said Mark Ferreri, Supervisor of Social Studies, World Languages, and Business. “He takes all necessary steps to remain on the cutting edge of economic concepts as they apply to both theoretical models and the on-goings of the global economy. Recent professional development has included a pair of Euro Challenge offerings updating the state of Europe’s economy with Lloyd Bromberg and Ben Carliner.”

Mr. Monahan has demonstrated his leadership by working to advance vision projects that support department, school, or districtwide initiatives, including the annual Segregation Symposium, a Problem Based Learning (PBL) module and course, and a Global Classroom video project, among many other initiatives. He is also a Ridgewood High School alumnus and is actively involved with the Ridgewood High School Alumni Association, serving as the point person on the successful launch of the RHS Alumni Externship Program (RAX).

“Before joining George Washington Middle School as an assistant principal, I spent almost my entire career (2004-2021) teaching social studies at Ridgewood High School. Over those 17 years, there wasn't a day that went by where I didn't feel completely and totally fulfilled by teaching an amazing collection of students and working alongside an incredible team of colleagues,” said Mr. Monahan. “I am honored and humbled to receive this recognition as a product of the Ridgewood Public Schools who has become a Ridgewood teacher! I would also like to thank Mr. Mark Ferreri for all his support over the years as supervisor of social studies at RHS.”