The Ridgewood Federated HSA membership is made up of an Executive Board and all the HSA presidents district-wide. Members for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Federated Exec Board:

President - Melinda Cronk

1st VP - Kay Murphy

2nd VP - Kelly Buschbaum

Secretary/Treasurer - Lauren DiMaulo 

Member at Large - Isabelle Leluc

BOE Rep - Vince Loncto

HSA Presidents:

Hawes Elementary School

Valerie Auyeung
Laura Waisnor

Orchard Elementary School

Amy Gill
Joan Guerrero

Ridge Elementary School

Hilary Wallace

Somerville Elementary School

Claudia Fortunato

Travell Elementary School

Cori McHugh
Denise Ryan

Willard Elementary School

Robin Fisher

Benjamin Franklin Middle School

Deanne Dunne
Anna Salerno

George Washington Middle School

Amy Beiersdorf

Ridgewood High School

Susan Harrison

Learning Services

Julie Hamon