Elementary School Student Code of Conduct
Hawes Elementary School • Orchard Elementary School • Ridge Elementary School
Somerville Elementary School • Travell Elementary School • Willard Elementary School
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Student Code of Conduct
Students in the Ridgewood Public School District’s six elementary schools are expected to follow a golden rule:
Treat other people and their things the way you would like to be treated.
We believe that this rule is a clear compass to guide all behavior in all situations. In addition to modeling this rule through daily actions, the faculty and staff regularly address this rule through weekly character education sessions, regular read aloud sessions and school wide events.
We believe that elementary school is a time to grow and learn from mistakes. Therefore, we are guided by a progressive discipline philosophy. We have listed some possible consequences for violating our Student Code of Conduct, in order of severity. Because we believe that the consequences for students should have meaning and help them learn, we also explore alternative forms of discipline if we feel it is in the best interest of the students. 
Infractions that are not acceptable in a school environment include: harassment, intimidation, bullying*, theft, destruction and/or defacing school property, fighting, leaving school property without permission, disrespect to fellow students/ faculty, violation of acceptable use policy for technology, and inappropriate behavior that is disruptive to the learning or safety of others. 
Possible consequences include:
  • Discussion with students and/ or their parents
  • Written Reflection
  • Lunch / Recess detention
  • After school detention
  • Alternative discipline such as an assignment or community service
  • Suspension or expulsion in the case of dangerous or unsafe behavior, serious or repeated harassment, intimidation, bullying,* fighting, theft or vandalism.
Our discipline standard requires that we address any action of which we are made aware by investigating it and, if necessary, by implementing discipline. Our philosophy of progressive discipline focuses on teaching a student to behave properly so the consequence may be simply talking to a student and recording the incident, or as severe as a suspension. Should a student repeat the same offense or several small offenses, s/he will receive more severe discipline. Counseling and the Child Study Team services may be utilized in order to assist students in adhering to the Student Code of Conduct. Teachers and administrators provide additional group and individual support as appropriate. 
Student conduct is almost never black and white and we will provide due diligence in any investigation, but we are not a court of law. We do not discriminate based on gender, age, religious orientation or any other protected class, and our policies and practices are implemented without regard to membership in such groups. We do not make public the disciplinary actions that we impose on a student, even to the family of a victim if there is one. We respect the privacy of all students. 

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