Math Sequences
Grade Double Advanced Honors CP CP/General Combination General
6 Pre-Algebra 7 Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Math
7 Geometry Pre-Algebra 7 Pre-Algebra 7 Pre-Algebra 7 Pre-Algebra 7
8 Algebra I Geometry Geometry Geometry Grade 8 Math
9 Algebra II Honors Algebra I Advanced Algebra I CP Algebra I CP or Algebra I Geometry 9
10 Math Analysis Algebra II Honors or Algebra II E Algebra II E or Algebra II CP Algebra II Algebra I
11 AP Calculus Math Analysis or Precalculus E Precalculus E or Precalculus I Advanced Algebra w/Trigonometry Algebra II
12 CD Calculus or AP Statistics AP Calculus or Honors Calculus Honors Calculus or Precalculus II Advanced Math Applications Advanced Algebra w/Trigonometry or Advanced Math Applications
This is a basic set of pathways that a student can follow in mathematics. There is movement permitted, based on teacher recommendations, between these pathways. Please consult your Guidance Counselor.