District Goals

2023-2024 District Goals

The district will establish a common understanding of the current state of our schools by engaging in meaningful inquiries, selecting important measures, and establishing baselines against which district and school improvement efforts can be measured. 


District Goal #1 - Evaluate and Update the District’s Strategic Plan


The 2019-2024 Strategic Plan is in its final year and must be updated. This process will be rooted in evidence-based decision-making and stakeholder engagement. 

Actions that will indicate progress toward attaining this goal may include:

  1. Develop a timeline for engaging stakeholders in the research and development of a new multi-year strategic plan

  2. Develop and present a State of the Schools Address that uses multiple measures to assess the success of the 2019 Strategic Plan

  3. Identify a consultant to develop the next five-year strategic plan. 

  4. Incorporate the following priorities within the strategic plan:

    1. The articulation of a Profile of a Graduate from RHS

    2. The articulation of the role that generative artificial intelligence and machine learning will play in our vision for student outcomes, strategy and programs

    3. The articulation of an updated college admissions process in a “test-optional” application environment

    4. The articulation of a coherent strategy to address mental health needs of students and professionals

    5. The exploration of options to ensure that our courses and programs prepare students for what the future holds, possibly to include internships, field placements, and exposure to various professions through collaboration with alumni, local residents, and futurists.

  5. Educate families regarding our efforts using the district website and social media accounts. Strategies may include parent education events and FAQ documents for areas of interest, such as rankings and ratings, science of reading etc.


District Goal #2 - Reevaluate and Formalize the RPS Plan for Inclusivity

By auditing the current state of inclusive practices and resources, the district hopes to continue to ensure positive outcomes for all students and to promote a diverse and inclusive student body. The employment of a qualified consultant may be necessary to appropriately address this goal, budget permitting. 

Actions that will indicate progress toward attaining this goal may include:

  1. Analyzing the proportionality of student diversity (racial, ethnic, economic, gender, neurological, physical and developmental backgrounds) and barriers to student success within:

    1. Course enrollments

    2. Extracurricular activities

    3. Discipline rates

    4. Attendance and tardiness

    5. Survey responses

    6. Academic outcomes

  2. Analyzing the racial, cultural and gender diversity among district and vendor employees within various job classifications. 

  3. Establishing an advisory committee to ensure equitable and inclusive recruitment and retention practices and consistent process guidelines

  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of school diversity, equity, and inclusion committees

  5. Identify support needed for faculty, staff and school leaders in developing understanding of the unique needs of students from various backgrounds


District Goal #3 - Evaluate ELA and Math Programs


Reevaluate ELA and Math curricula, scope and sequences, resources, and practices with consideration of peer-reviewed research and emerging instructional trends

Actions that will indicate progress toward attaining this goal may include:

  1. Establish data systems to evaluate trends in student achievement and other success indicators

  2. Clarify the scope and sequences of learning to ensure pedagogically sound transitions between grades and the transitions between schools

  3. Evaluate core and supplemental curriculum resources to ensure alignment with curricular goals and evidence-based practice

  4. Evaluate our professional learning systems to ensure that our staff are prepared to nurture consistent and high-quality educational outcomes for students

  5. Inventory our existing systems for identifying students with unique learning needs

  6. Articulate student habits of work and self-regulation practices that support every child in reaching their potential


District Goal #4 - Reevaluate the State of the District's Finances and Facilities


Actions that will indicate progress toward attaining this goal may include:

  1. Complete a comprehensive review and audit of the 2022-23 school year budget, including an analysis of reserve status over time

  2. Establish a 2023-24 budget projection that ensures that planned expenditures are fully funded, including preventive maintenance 

  3. Develop a comprehensive 2024-25 budgetary presentation that includes a multi-year trend analysis of prior revenues and expenditures

  4. Conduct a facilities needs assessment, giving consideration to prior studies

  5. Develop a master site plan for each RPS property, including ambitions for learning spaces and extracurricular features that reflect the Ridgewood Tradition of Excellence

  6. Assess the security of each school and district building

  7. Develop a system for evaluating the efficacy of vendor services